I am Maja Križnar, a certified meditation practitioner, angel therapist and a graduate agronomist. Meditation has become a way of my life; it means to my passion and pleasure. I coupled it with the power of plants actually with their essential oils and got an incredible combination that takes us to the most hidden corners of ourselves. I’m having fun with the fact that in just every situation, event or person, I can find something useful, valuable or something positive for my life. I have fun when I search for the hidden meanings that daily lessons carry.

In the past often questioned me, when I would have a family and similar things that are pleasing to all the aunts, uncles, neighbours, grandmothers and grandfathers. I usually responded with the answer that I should first put myself in order. Naturally, without actually knowing what exactly this means.

Well, obviously someone there knew very well what this means, and so, like a house of cards, my entire world collapsed. Practically overnight I was left without a partner and a job.

I remained alone with a box of handkerchiefs and with the questions: What should I do now? What do I want in my life? Who am I and why am I here?

I was fighting with myself, and very soon it became apparent to me, that my demolished world was on the very thin basis and that it had to undermine it.

I decided to put it up again. I started the course of meditation. It also happened overnight. I accepted it, and the adventure began. The desire to show people how they can change their lives, was stronger day after day. Meditation took me so that I became a certified meditation instructor.


I am grateful and happy every time I can help someone to feel better. ♥

Love you ♥