How to identify limitig beliefs?

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I am convinced that our subconscious beliefs are those that are able to either support or completely hinder our everyday life. Unfortunately, most people often deal with limiting beliefs. Now you are at the right place to put a stop to this kind of lifestyle. This book will encourage you to consciously deal with your challenges, so you shouldn’t rush through it. I suggest that you first read the whole book and only then return to the individual exercises. It is enough to start with one exercise per day or to repeat the same exercise for several days, which you will often be encouraged to do. You know – the difference between a master and a regular person is only the amount of exercise done.

Personally, I completely agree with this statement, which is why I search for my limiting beliefs every day. I practice and practice. Even though I used to need a lot more time at the beginning, I can now find them more quickly and eliminate them more effectively than ever before. Throughout the years of exploring myself, I have shaped a unique procedure that makes my work easier and more effective – and this is exactly what I will share with you.

I am eternally grateful to be able to share with you some of the realizations and methods that have greatly helped me. I have gone through many workshops, had various teachers help me, and everybody has emphasized the same point – the fact that I always need to look into myself, roll up my sleeves, and start working. Nobody has done the work for me. I learned many techniques, but I had to implement them myself – and now I am here to help you. I will share the knowledge that I have gathered so far, or what I have remembered, as we are here in order to remember who we really are. You will, however, have to work by yourself. I can only offer you a kind word and support, and encourage you to take action. It is your decision to make and implement. Sadly, there is no other way. Nobody has a magic wand to cast all your problems away overnight. You have to create the spell yourself.

Did you understand the point I wanted to make in the paragraph above?

I am sure that you did and that you will want to start working as soon as possible. This first e-book will help you do exactly that.