Yes, you have read correctly. Lavender Girl has become Hay House affiliate. The idea of the fantastic Louise Hay has been following me for years because I also believe that all of our physical challenges come from within ourselves. And that is why I am even more proud of the fact that I have made this decision because I hope that these methods, books and education could help you like they are helping me. If you do not know Louise Hay yet, or even if you do, you can read more about her life and work at this link here. I promise you will not regret it. You know, the time you spend on yourself is the best invested one.

Before you dive into her theory, please think about your emotions. You probably already know that our feelings are reflected in our surroundings and that our health is a reflection of the beliefs that are hidden in our subconscious. Believing that behind every physical imperfection or disease is a pattern is very close to me, and so far these connections have turned out to be true, at least in my case. When I was watching my physical challenges, I first looked at the book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE to find an explanation, and later I was able to find and understand my sources of physical problems through writing. When I sensed the emotional source of my pain, I was given the opportunity to lower it. I did the same with the help of angel meditation, to which I added the aroma of essential oils. I have dealt with many problems this way, and I am constantly surprised at how quickly my emotional state is reflected in my physical body.

I suggest that you consider your problems and observe them well. In doing so, help yourself with the wonderful manual that you can find here. The book You Can Heal Your Life means the first meeting with Loise Hay to me, and it has changed my view of my body, of my actions and the connection between my health and emotions. Let me tell you that today I usually take the book with me wherever I go. I am immensely grateful that one day in my past I found this book and from that day on, it is helping me to raise my awareness of limiting patterns.

I am convinced that you will quickly be able to find the connection between your physical state and emotions. Once you discover the origin, you are already halfway to overcome the challenges both on physical and emotional levels. Action !!

I wish you luck and don’t forget: The work you do on yourself today is the best investment for your tomorrow.


Love you Lavender Girl Maja ♥