I found myself by losing you is a real story about how a personal crisis can be seen as a new opportunity. It can be viewed as a guidebook which shows how you can rise again after a personal fall and sets new foundations for your ways of living and working.

The original purpose for writing the book was for my own personal healing, but at the same time, being an inspiration for others was a longer-term wish. I wanted to show that it is possible to find happiness again. I felt lost and broken, but I also decided that I didn’t want to live in pain anymore. The change was inevitable. I accepted the journey and one of the results is my short guidebook.

Through different situations, I explored a variety of patterns that I found within myself and within my relationships. I also overcame personal career limitations and managed to have fun in the process. Working on yourself is a never-ending story, so it is better to change it into something that entertains you!

My wish is to show readers that there is always time for changes in our way of living; we just need to be prepared to do the work and reflect inwardly. The work we do on ourselves is what brings us results. I can honestly say that there is no ‘magic pill’ which will melt away all of our problems overnight. Only WE can work and explore the depths of ourselves and the results are truly WORTH IT! Each moment that we dedicate to ourselves will be richly rewarded and these rewards are what this book is all about.

In the first part of the book, I write about recovering from my partner’s infidelity and losing my job. At that time, my whole world collapsed and everything that made sense in my life went with it. During the process of recovery, I learned about myself, my feelings, my limiting beliefs, and inner boundaries and I also learned about meditation. The last part of the book I dedicate to the methods which helped me and which continue to do so. Such methods include meditation and writing, as a form of therapy. I also worked with essential oils. At the end of the book, I summarise the content with a list of lessons that I learned throughout my transformational journey.

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